Support of DVS3D for data generated by industry design software

DVS3D that adopts the data generated by industry design software solutions provided by Dassault can read mainstream 3D CAD files, including Catia, Creo(Pro/E), NX(UG), and SolidWorks files. Users can directly open these CAD files in DVS3D without the need of format conversion. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of model importing.

By using surface tessellation, DVS3D enables users to selectively set the accuracy for reading models. A higher accuracy brings a smoother surface of models. For models containing a large amount of data, low accuracy can enable the lightweight processing of models while generating acceptable appearances, thereby improving efficiency of programs.

DVS3D can acquire complete information on product structures. In the node panel, you can view the assembly structure tree whose hierarchy is the same as that in the original model. The assembly and components relationships are clear.

DVS3D can read PMI of models (PMI: Product Manufacture Information, including dimensions, tolerance, and notes). The marking positions of these information and contexts are the same as those of original models. This ensures the faithful conveying of semantic information of models.