Combination of Force Feedback Devices and DVS3D

Currently, we combine Haption Virtuose 6D 35-45 and self-developed DVS3D to roll out virtual reality solutions based on force feedback technologies.

Haption is a high-end force feedback product that can control 3D models in a computer by using the haptic technology. It can provide 6-DOF force feedbacks.

It has articulated mechanical arms driven by electric motors and position trackers. Users can use these mechanical arms to control 3D models in virtual environments in real time. During the operations, users can feel force feedbacks from virtual 3D models.

Positions and speeds of virtual objects are transmitted to Haption devices in real time to obtain computed forces and torque and dynamically use them on virtual objects.

We dynamically load Haption information as plug-in to DVS3D and realize physics engine logic in scripts.